This is the list of stock in Amman Stock Exchange supported by Datafet

Symbol, Name
AEIV.ASE,Arab East Investment
EXFB.ASE,Capital Bank Of Jordan
FFCO.ASE,First Finance
UINV.ASE,Union Investment Corporation
UCIC.ASE,United Cable Industries
IDMC.ASE,Ad-Dulayl Industrial Park&RE Co PLC
JOPT.ASE,Jordan Petroleum Refinery
JOST.ASE,Jordan Steel
SIBK.ASE,Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank PSC
AMAL.ASE,Al-Amal Financial Investments Co
JOPH.ASE,Jordan Phosphate Mines
UTOB.ASE,Union Tobacco&Cigarette Industries
JOIB.ASE,Jordan Islamic Bank
ULDC.ASE,Union Land Development Corporation
WIRE.ASE,National Cable & Wire Manufacturing
AHLI.ASE,Jordan Ahli Bank
PHNX.ASE,Taameer Jordan Holdings PSC
ARBK.ASE,Arab Bank
OFTC.ASE,Offtec Holding Group Plc
CABK.ASE,Cairo Amman Bank
UCFI.ASE,United Financial Investments
MSKN.ASE,Jordan Masaken Development
JRCD.ASE,Jordanian Realestate Company
EICO.ASE,Al-Eqbal Investment Company Ltd
FINS.ASE,First Insurance
JOEP.ASE,Jordan Electric Power
TAJM.ASE,Al-Tajamouat Touristic Projects Co
ABCO.ASE,Arab Banking Corp Jordan PSC
BOJX.ASE,Bank Of Jordan
UBSI.ASE,Bank Al-Etihad
MBED.ASE,The Arab Pesticides Mfg. Co
NAQL.ASE,Transport& Investment Barter Co
JTEL.ASE,Jordan Telecom
ZARA.ASE,Zara Investement Holding
DADI.ASE,Dar Al Dawa Development Investment
ATTA.ASE,Comprehensive Land Development
MSFT.ASE,Masafat For Specialised Transport
AJIB.ASE,Arab Jordan Investment Bank
MANE.ASE,Afaq For Energy Co. P.L.C
TIIC.ASE,The Islamic Insurance
SITT.ASE,Salam Internationl Transport
PROF.ASE,The Professional Co RE Investment
ATCO.ASE,Enjaz for Development and Multi Projects Co PLC
REAL.ASE,Arab East Real Estate Investments
AIEI.ASE,The Arab Int Education & Investment
AAFI.ASE,Al-Amin For Investment
JEIH.ASE,Jordanian Expatriates Invest Hld
SHIP.ASE,Jordan National Shipping Lines
JOKB.ASE,Jordan Kuwait Bank
SANA.ASE,Al-Sanabel Int
JIJC.ASE,Jordan International Insurance
RMCC.ASE,Ready Mix Concrte & Construction
ASPMM.ASE,Arabian Steel Pipes Manufacturing
JCBK.ASE,Jordan Commercial Bank
RUMI.ASE,Al Safweh for Financial Investments Co PSC
THBK.ASE,The Housing Bank Trade & Finance
FRST.ASE,First Jordan Investment Company PLC
COHO.ASE,Contempro For Housing Projects
JDFS.ASE,Jo Duty Fre
FUTR.ASE,Future Arab Investment Company
JOWM.ASE,The Jordan Worsted Mills
AALU.ASE,Arab Aluminum Industry /Aral
AIHO.ASE,Arab International Hotels
INVB.ASE,Invest Bank
APOT.ASE,The Arab Potash
ICAG.ASE,The Industrial Commercial&Agr
JOCM.ASE,The Jordan Cement Factories
MEIN.ASE,Middle East Insurance
ABMS.ASE,Al-Bilad Medical Services
AMAD.ASE,Amad Investment & RE Development
BIND.ASE,Bindar Trading & Investment Co PLC
ITSC.ASE,Ittihad Schools
MALL.ASE,Al-Dawliyah For Hotels & Malls
MEET.ASE,Methaq Real Estate Investment
AQAR.ASE,Real Estate and Investment Portfolio Co PSC
REDV.ASE,Real Estate Development
JETT.ASE,Jordan Express Tourist Transport
AFIN.ASE,Arab Financial Investment
IBNH.ASE,Ibn Alhaytham Hospital Company
CEIG.ASE,Century Inv
HPIC.ASE,Hayat Phat
IREL.ASE,Irbid Elect
MANR.ASE,Afaq Hld In
MANS.ASE,Manaseer St
UMIC.ASE,Univ Mod In
ZEIC.ASE,Zarqa Educ
JODA.ASE,Jordan Dairy Co PSC
PHIL.ASE,Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals Industry Co PSC
JDFI.ASE,Jordanian Company for Developing and Financial Investment
JOIN.ASE,Jordan Insurance Co PSC
FUND.ASE,Jordanian Mutual Funds Management Company PSC
JOFR.ASE,Jordan French Insurance Co PSC
PIEC.ASE,Philadelphia International Educational Investment Company PSC
GENI.ASE,General Investment Company PSC