This is the list of stock in Shanghai Stock Exchange supported by Datafet

Symbol, Name
600000.SS,Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
600007.SS,China World Trade Center
600008.SS,Beijing Capital
600009.SS,Shanghai International Airport
600010.SS,Inner Mongolia BaoTou Steel Union
600011.SS,Huaneng Power International Inc
600012.SS,Anhui Expressway
600015.SS,Hua Xia Bank
600016.SS,China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd
600018.SS,Shanghai International Port Group
600019.SS,Baoshan Iron & Steel
600021.SS,Shanghai Electric Power
600025.SS,Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc Class A
600026.SS,COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation
600027.SS,Huadian Power International Corp Ltd Class A
600028.SS,China Petroleum & Chemical Corp Class A
600029.SS,China Southern Airlines Class A
600030.SS,CITIC Securities
600031.SS,Sany Heavy Industry
600036.SS,China Merchants Bank
600038.SS,Avicopter PLC
600039.SS,Sichuan Road & Bridge Group
600048.SS,Poly Real Estate Group
600050.SS,China United Network Communications Ltd
600056.SS,China Meheco
600057.SS,Xiamen Xiangyu
600062.SS,China Resources Double-Crane Pharmaceutical
600064.SS,Nanjing Gaoke
600073.SS,Shanghai Maling Aquarius
600075.SS,Xinjiang Tianye
600079.SS,Humanwell Healthcare Group
600085.SS,Beijing Tongrentang
600094.SS,Greattown Holdings Ltd A
600096.SS,Yunnan Yuntianhua
600104.SS,SAIC Motor Corp Ltd
600109.SS,Sinolink Securities
600110.SS,Nuode Investment
600111.SS,China Northern Rare Earth Group High-Tech
600115.SS,China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
600116.SS,Chongqing Three Gorges Water Conservancy and Electric Power
600120.SS,Zhejiang Orient Holdings
600125.SS,China Railway Tielong Container Logistics
600131.SS,State Grid Information&Communication
600132.SS,Chongqing Brewery
600141.SS,Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group
600143.SS,Kingfa Sci&Tech
600150.SS,China CSSC Holdings Ltd
600153.SS,Xiamen C&D Inc
600160.SS,Zhejiang Juhua
600161.SS,Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corp Ltd
600167.SS,Luenmei Quantum
600170.SS,Shanghai Construction Group
600171.SS,Sh Belling
600176.SS,China Jushi
600177.SS,Youngor Group
600183.SS,Shengyi Technology
600185.SS,Gree Real Estate
600188.SS,Yankuang Energy Group
600196.SS,Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group
600197.SS,Xinjiang Yilite Industry
600206.SS,Grinm Advanced Materials
600210.SS,Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group
600211.SS,Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical Holding Co
600216.SS,Zhejiang Medicine
600219.SS,Shandong Nanshan Aluminium
600223.SS,Lushang Property
600233.SS,YTO Express Group
600236.SS,Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power
600248.SS,Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Chemical Engineering
600256.SS,Guanghui Energy
600258.SS,BTG Hotels Group
600273.SS,Zhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Industry
600276.SS,Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine
600282.SS,Nanjing Iron & Steel
600284.SS,Shanghai Pudong Road & Bridge Construction
600285.SS,Henan Lingrui Pharmaceutical
600295.SS,Inner Mongolia ERDOS Resources
600298.SS,Angel Yeast
600299.SS,Bluestar Adisseo Co
600309.SS,Wanhua Chemical Group
600316.SS,Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry
600323.SS,Grandblue Environment
600325.SS,Huafa Industrial Zhuhai
600328.SS,Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial
600329.SS,Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Corp Ltd
600332.SS,Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings
600337.SS,Markor International Home Furnishings
600338.SS,Tibet Summit Resources
600346.SS,Hengli Petrochemical
600348.SS,Shan XI Hua Yang Group New Energy
600350.SS,Shandong Hi-speed
600362.SS,Jiangxi Copper Class A
600363.SS,Jiangxi Lianchuang Opto-electronic Science & Technology
600369.SS,Southwest Securities
600372.SS,China Avionics Systems
600373.SS,Chinese Universe Publishing And Media
600376.SS,Beijing Capital Development
600377.SS,Jiangsu Expressway
600378.SS,Haohua Chemical Science & Technology Corp Ltd
600380.SS,Joincare Pharmaceutical Group Industry
600383.SS,Gemdale Corp
600392.SS,Shenghe Resources Holding
600395.SS,Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal
600406.SS,NARI Technology
600409.SS,Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Industries
600415.SS,Zhejiang China Commodities City Group
600422.SS,KPC Pharmaceuticals Inc
600426.SS,Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical
600435.SS,North Navigation Control Technology
600436.SS,Zhangzhou Pientzehuang Pharmaceutical
600446.SS,Shenzhen Kingdom SCI Tech
600452.SS,Chongqing Fuling Electric Power Industrial
600459.SS,Sino-Platinum Metals
600460.SS,Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics
600477.SS,Hang Xiao Steel Structure
600483.SS,Fujian Funeng
600486.SS,Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical
600487.SS,Hengtong Optic Electric
600498.SS,Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies
600499.SS,Keda Clean Energy
600502.SS,Anhui Water Resources Development
600507.SS,Fangda Special Steel Technology
600510.SS,Black Peony Group
600516.SS,FangDa Carbon New Material
600519.SS,Kweichow Moutai
600521.SS,Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical
600522.SS,Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology
600529.SS,Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass
600531.SS,Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead
600536.SS,China National Software & Service
600547.SS,Shandong Gold Mining
600548.SS,Shenzhen Expressway
600549.SS,Xiamen Tungsten
600556.SS,Inmyshow Digital Technology Group
600559.SS,Hebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor
600562.SS,Glarun Technology
600563.SS,Xiamen Faratronic
600566.SS,Hubei Jumpcan Pharmaceutical
600567.SS,Anhui Shanying Paper Industry
600570.SS,Hundsun Technologies Inc
600577.SS,Tongling Jingd
600580.SS,Wolong Electric Group
600582.SS,Tian Di Science & Technology
600583.SS,Offshore Oil Engineering
600584.SS,JCET Group
600585.SS,Anhui Conch Cement
600586.SS,Shandong Jinjing Science and Technology Stock
600588.SS,Yonyou Network Technology
600596.SS,Zhejiang XinAn Chemical Industrial Group
600597.SS,Bright Dairy & Food
600598.SS,Heilongjiang Agriculture
600600.SS,Tsingtao Brewery
600612.SS,Lao Feng Xiang A
600635.SS,Shanghai DaZhong Public Utilities Group
600639.SS,Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development A
600641.SS,Shanghai Wanye Enterprises
600643.SS,Shanghai AJ Group
600648.SS,Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group A
600655.SS,Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart
600660.SS,Fuyao Glass Industry Group Class A
600663.SS,Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development A
600667.SS,Wuxi Taiji Industry
600673.SS,Guangdong Hec Technology Holding Class A
600674.SS,Sichuan Chuantou Energy
600685.SS,CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering Group
600688.SS,Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Class A
600690.SS,Qingdao Haier
600699.SS,Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp
600704.SS,Wuchan Zhongda Group
600705.SS,AVIC Capital
600711.SS,Chengtun Mining Group
600720.SS,Gansu Qilianshan Cement Group
600728.SS,Pci-Suntek Technology
600729.SS,Chongqing Department Store
600740.SS,ShanXi Coking
600741.SS,HUAYU Automotive Systems
600742.SS,Changchun Faway Automobile Components
600745.SS,Wingtech Technology
600746.SS,Jiangsu SOPO Chemical
600750.SS,Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical
600754.SS,Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Development A
600755.SS,Xiamen ITG Group Corp Ltd
600760.SS,Avic Shenyang Aircraft
600763.SS,Top Choice Medical Investment Co Inc
600764.SS,China Marine Information Electronics
600765.SS,AVIC Heavy Machinery
600775.SS,Nanjing Panda Electronics
600776.SS,Eastern Communications A
600779.SS,Sichuan Swellfun
600782.SS,Xinyu Iron & Steel
600787.SS,CMST Development
600795.SS,GD Power Development
600801.SS,Huaxin Cement A
600802.SS,Fujian Cement Inc
600803.SS,ENN Ecological Holdings
600808.SS,Maanshan Iron & Steel
600809.SS,Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory
600811.SS,Orient Group Inc
600820.SS,Shanghai Tunnel Engineering
600823.SS,Shanghai Shimao
600837.SS,Haitong Securities
600845.SS,Shanghai Baosight Software A
600846.SS,Shanghai Tongji Science&Technology Industrial
600848.SS,Shanghai Lingang Holdings A
600850.SS,CETC Digital Technology
600860.SS,Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric
600862.SS,Avic Aviation High Technology
600871.SS,Sinopec Oilfield Service Corp
600872.SS,Jonjee Hi-tech Industrial and Commercial Holding
600874.SS,Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group
600875.SS,Dongfang Electric Corp Ltd Class A
600876.SS,Luoyang Glass
600879.SS,China Aerospace Times Electronics
600882.SS,Shanghai Milkground Food Tech
600884.SS,Ningbo Shanshan
600885.SS,Hongfa Technology
600886.SS,SDIC Power Holdings
600887.SS,Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group
600893.SS,AECC Aviation Power
600895.SS,Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development
600900.SS,China Yangtze Power
600905.SS,China Three Gorges New Energy Group
600906.SS,Caida Securities
600916.SS,China National Gold Group Gold Jewellery
600917.SS,Chongqing Gas Group Corp Ltd
600918.SS,Zhongtai Securities
600919.SS,Bank of Jiangsu
600926.SS,Bank of Hangzhou
600927.SS,Yongan Futures
600933.SS,IKD Class A
600941.SS,China Mobile Ltd
600955.SS,Lihuayi Weiyuan Chemical
600956.SS,China Suntien Green Energy Corp Ltd
600958.SS,Orient Securities
600966.SS,Shandong Bohui Paper Industry
600967.SS,Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group
600968.SS,CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Ltd
600970.SS,Sinoma International Engineering
600984.SS,Shaanxi Construction Machinery
600985.SS,Huaibei Mining Holdings
600988.SS,Chifeng Jilong Gold Mining
600989.SS,Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group
600993.SS,Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group
600998.SS,Jointown Pharmaceutical Group
600999.SS,China Merchants Securities
601000.SS,Tangshan Port Group
601003.SS,Liuzhou Iron & Steel
601005.SS,Chongqing Iron & Steel Class A
601006.SS,Daqin Railway
601009.SS,Bank of Nanjing
601012.SS,Xian LONGi Silicon Materials Corp
601015.SS,Shaanxi Heimao Coking
601016.SS,CECEP Wind-Power Corp
601018.SS,Ningbo Zhoushan Port
601019.SS,Shandong Publishing & Media Class A
601038.SS,First Tractor
601058.SS,Sailun Jinyu Group
601066.SS,China Securities
601068.SS,China Aluminum International Engineering Corp Ltd
601069.SS,Western Region Gold
601077.SS,Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co
601088.SS,China Shenhua Energy Co
601098.SS,China South Publishing & Media Group
601100.SS,Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic
601107.SS,Sichuan Expressway
601108.SS,Caitong Securities Class A
601111.SS,Air China Ltd Class A
601117.SS,China National Chemical Engineering
601128.SS,Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank
601138.SS,Foxconn Industrial Internet
601139.SS,Shenzhen Gas Corp Ltd
601155.SS,Seazen Holdings
601156.SS,Eastern Air Logistics
601158.SS,Chongqing Water Group
601166.SS,Industrial Bank
601168.SS,Western Mining
601169.SS,Bank of Beijing
601186.SS,China Railway Construction Corp Ltd
601187.SS,Xiamen Bank
601198.SS,Dongxing Securities
601200.SS,Shanghai Environment Group
601211.SS,Guotai Junan Securities
601216.SS,Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy & Chemical Group
601222.SS,Jiangsu Linyang Energy
601225.SS,Shaanxi Coal Industry
601229.SS,Bank of Shanghai
601231.SS,Universal Scientific Industrial Shanghai
601233.SS,TongKun Group
601238.SS,Guangzhou Automobile Group Class A
601288.SS,Agricultural Bank of China Ltd Class A
601298.SS,Qingdao Port International
601311.SS,Camel Group
601318.SS,Ping An Insurance Group Co of China Ltd
601319.SS,People's Insurance of China Ltd
601326.SS,Qinhuangdao Port
601328.SS,Bank of Communications Co
601330.SS,Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group
601333.SS,Guangshen Railway
601336.SS,New China Life Insurance
601360.SS,360 Security Technology Inc
601375.SS,Central China Securities
601377.SS,Industrial Securities
601390.SS,China Railway Group Ltd Class A
601398.SS,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd
601456.SS,Guolian Securities
601512.SS,China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group
601555.SS,Soochow Securities
601567.SS,Ningbo Sanxing Medical Electric
601577.SS,Bank of Changsha
601588.SS,Beijing North Star Class A
601598.SS,Sinotrans Ltd Class A
601600.SS,Aluminum Corp of China Ltd
601601.SS,China Pacific Insurance Group
601607.SS,Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding
601611.SS,China Nuclear Engineering Corp Ltd
601615.SS,Ming Yang Smart Energy Group Ltd
601618.SS,Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd
601628.SS,China Life Insurance A
601633.SS,Great Wall Motor
601636.SS,Zhuzhou Kibing Group
601658.SS,Postal Savings Bank of China
601665.SS,Qilu Bank
601666.SS,Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining
601668.SS,China State Construction Engineering Corp Ltd
601669.SS,Power Construction Corp of China Ltd
601677.SS,Henan Mingtai Al.Industrial
601686.SS,Tianjin You Fa Steel Pipe Group Stock
601688.SS,Huatai Securities
601689.SS,Ningbo Tuopu Group
601696.SS,Boc International China Co Ltd
601699.SS,Shanxi LuAn Environmental Energy Development
601702.SS,Shanghai Huafon Aluminium Corp
601717.SS,Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group
601727.SS,Shanghai Electric Group
601728.SS,China Telecom Corp Ltd
601766.SS,CRRC Corp Ltd Class A
601788.SS,Everbright Securities
601799.SS,Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems
601800.SS,China Communications Construction
601808.SS,China Oilfield Services Ltd Class A
601811.SS,Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media
601816.SS,Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
601818.SS,China Everbright Bank
601825.SS,Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
601827.SS,Chongqing Sanfeng Environment Group Corp Ltd
601828.SS,Red Star Macalline Group Corp Ltd Class A
601838.SS,Bank of Chengdu
601857.SS,PetroChina Class A
601865.SS,Flat Glass Group
601866.SS,Cosco Shipping Development
601868.SS,China Energy Engineering Corp Ltd
601869.SS,Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Ltd Co
601872.SS,China Merchants Energy Shipping
601877.SS,Zhejiang Chint Electrics
601878.SS,Zheshang Securities
601880.SS,Liaoning Port
601881.SS,China Galaxy Securities Class A
601882.SS,Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery
601888.SS,China International Travel Service Corp Ltd
601898.SS,China Coal Energy
601899.SS,Zijin Mining Group Class A
601901.SS,Founder Securities
601908.SS,Beijing Jingyuntong Technology
601916.SS,China Zheshang Bank Co Ltd
601919.SS,COSCO SHIPPING Holdings
601939.SS,China Construction Bank Co
601949.SS,China Publishing & Media Holdings
601952.SS,Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation and Development
601963.SS,Bank of Chongqing
601965.SS,China Automotive Engineering Research Institute
601966.SS,Shandong Linglong Tyre
601985.SS,China National Nuclear Power
601988.SS,Bank of China Ltd A
601989.SS,China Shipbuilding Industry
601990.SS,Nanjing Securities
601991.SS,Datang International Power Generation Class A
601992.SS,BBMG Corp Class A
601995.SS,China International Capital Corp Ltd
601997.SS,Bank of Guiyang
601998.SS,China Citic Bank Corp Ltd Class A
603005.SS,China Wafer Level CSP
603008.SS,Xilinmen Furniture
603010.SS,Zhejiang Wansheng
603018.SS,China Design Group
603019.SS,Dawning Information Industry
603025.SS,Beijing Dahao Technology Corp Ltd
603026.SS,Shinghwa Advanced Material Group
603027.SS,Qianhe Condiment and Food
603043.SS,Guangzhou Restaurant
603060.SS,China Building Material Test & Certification Group
603068.SS,Beken Corp
603071.SS,ZJMI Environmental Energy
603077.SS,Sichuan Hebang Biotechnology
603087.SS,Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals
603108.SS,Shanghai Runda Medical Technology
603113.SS,Jinneng Science & Technology
603118.SS,Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics
603127.SS,Joinn Laboratories China
603128.SS,CTS International Logistics Corp Ltd
603129.SS,Zhejiang CFMoto Power
603180.SS,Xiamen Goldenhome
603185.SS,Wuxi Shangji Automation
603187.SS,Qingdao Hiron Commercial Cold Chain
603197.SS,Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corp
603198.SS,Anhui Yingjia Distillery
603208.SS,Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry
603218.SS,Riyue Heavy Industry
603225.SS,Xinfengming Group
603228.SS,Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic
603229.SS,Zhejiang Ausun Pharmaceutical
603230.SS,Inner Mongolia Xinhua Distribution Group
603233.SS,Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group
603236.SS,Quectel Wireless Solutions Co Ltd
603258.SS,Hangzhou Electronic Soul Network Technology
603259.SS,WuXi AppTec
603260.SS,Hoshine Silicon Industry Class A
603267.SS,Beijing Yuanliu Hongyuan Electronic Technology
603279.SS,Jingjin Environmental Protection
603283.SS,Suzhou Secote Precision Electronic Class A
603288.SS,Foshan Haitian Flavouring and Food
603290.SS,StarPower Semiconductor Ltd
603298.SS,Hangcha Group
603301.SS,Zhende Medical
603305.SS,Ningbo Xusheng Auto Technology
603317.SS,Sichuan Teway Food Group
603327.SS,Sichuan Furong Technology
603338.SS,Zhejiang Dingli Machinery
603345.SS,Fujian Anjoy Foods
603348.SS,Guangdong Wencan Die Casting
603355.SS,Kingclean Electric
603357.SS,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute
603369.SS,Jiangsu King's Luck Brewery Joint-Stock
603378.SS,Asia Cuanon Technology Shanghai
603387.SS,Getein Biotech Inc
603392.SS,Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise
603393.SS,Xinjiang Xintai Natural Gas
603416.SS,WuXi Xinje Electric
603429.SS,Anhui Genuine New Materials
603444.SS,G-bits Network Technology Xiamen
603456.SS,Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical
603466.SS,Shanghai Fengyuzhu Exhibition Class A
603486.SS,Ecovacs Robotics
603489.SS,Bafang Electric Suzhou
603501.SS,Will Semiconductor Shanghai
603505.SS,China Kings Resources Group
603508.SS,Henan Thinker Automatic Equipment
603515.SS,Opple Lighting
603517.SS,Juewei Food
603520.SS,Zhejiang Starry Pharmaceutical
603529.SS,AIMA Technology Group
603533.SS,IReader Technology
603556.SS,Hexing Electrical
603565.SS,Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics
603568.SS,Zhejiang Weiming Environment Protection
603583.SS,Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology
603587.SS,Dazzle Fashion
603588.SS,Beijing Geoenviron Engineering & Technology Inc
603589.SS,Anhui Kouzi Distillery
603596.SS,Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Class A
603599.SS,Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical
603601.SS,Chongqing Zaisheng Technology
603605.SS,Proya Cosmetics Class A
603606.SS,Ningbo Orient Wires and Cables
603609.SS,Liaoning Wellhope Agri-Tech Joint Stock
603610.SS,Keeson Technology Corp Ltd
603613.SS,Beijing United Information Technology
603626.SS,Kunshan Kersen Science & Technology
603638.SS,Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery
603650.SS,Red Avenue New Materials Group
603659.SS,Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Class A
603666.SS,Yijiahe Technology
603678.SS,Fujian Torch Electron Technology
603681.SS,Shanghai Yongguan Adhesive Products Corp Ltd
603686.SS,Fulongma Group
603690.SS,PNC Process Systems
603707.SS,Nanjing King-friend Biochemical Pharmaceutical
603708.SS,Jiajiayue Group
603712.SS,TianJin 712 Communication & Broadcasting
603713.SS,Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service
603728.SS,Shanghai Moons Electric
603730.SS,Shanghai Daimay Automotive Interior
603737.SS,Skshu Paint
603738.SS,Hubei TKD Crystal Electronic Science and Technology
603786.SS,Keboda Technology
603799.SS,Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt
603801.SS,Zbom Cabinets
603806.SS,Hangzhou First PV Material
603816.SS,Jason Furniture Hangzhou
603833.SS,Oppein Home Group Inc
603858.SS,Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals
603866.SS,Shenyang Toly Bread
603868.SS,Shanghai Flyco Electrical Appliance
603877.SS,Ningbo Peacebird Fashion
603881.SS,Shanghai AtHub
603882.SS,Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Group
603883.SS,LBX Pharmacy Chain JSC
603885.SS,JUNEYAO Airlines
603893.SS,Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics
603899.SS,Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc
603915.SS,Jiangsu Guomao Reducer
603916.SS,Sobute New Materials Class A
603919.SS,Jinhui Liquor
603920.SS,Olympic Circuit Technology
603939.SS,Yifeng Pharmacy Chain
603982.SS,Nanjing Chervon Auto Precision Technology
603985.SS,Jiangyin Hengrun Heavy Industries
603986.SS,GigaDevice Semiconductor Beijing Inc
603989.SS,Hunan Aihua Group
603993.SS,China Molybdenum Class A
605009.SS,Hangzhou Haoyue Personal Care
605089.SS,Suzhou Weizhixiang Food
605090.SS,Jiangxi Jovo Energy
605099.SS,CoCreation Grass
605111.SS,Wuxi Nce Power
605117.SS,Ningbo Deye Technology
605136.SS,Shanghai Lili & Beauty Cosmetics
605168.SS,Three's Company Media Group
605198.SS,Yantai North Andre Juice
605199.SS,Hainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group
605222.SS,Shanghai QiFan Cable
605296.SS,Yunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group
605337.SS,Zhe Jiang Li Zi Yuan Food
605358.SS,Hangzhou Lion Electronics
605376.SS,Jiangsu Boqian New Materials Stock
605499.SS,Eastroc Beverage Group
688002.SS,Raytron Technology
688005.SS,Ningbo Ronbay New Energy Tech Ltd
688006.SS,Zhejiang HangKe Technology
688008.SS,Montage Technology
688009.SS,Railway Signal Communication Ltd
688012.SS,Advanced Micro Fabrication Inc
688016.SS,MicroPort Endovascular MedTech Ltd
688019.SS,Anji Microelectronics Tech
688026.SS,Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration
688036.SS,Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Ltd
688055.SS,InfoVision Optoelectronics Kunshan
688063.SS,Pylon Technologies
688083.SS,ZWSOFT Guangzhou
688088.SS,ArcSoft Corp Ltd
688099.SS,Amlogic Shanghai Co Ltd
688111.SS,Beijing Kingsoft Office Software In
688116.SS,Jiangsu Cnano Technology
688122.SS,Western Superconducting Tech
688126.SS,National Silicon Industry Group
688139.SS,Qingdao Haier Biomedical Co Ltd
688166.SS,BrightGene Bio Medical Technology C
688169.SS,Beijing Roborock Technology
688180.SS,Shanghai Junshi Biosciences
688185.SS,Cansino Biologics Inc
688187.SS,Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric
688188.SS,Shanghai Friendess Electronics Tech
688200.SS,Beijing Huafeng Test & Control Technology
688202.SS,Shanghai Medicilon Inc
688208.SS,Autel Intelligent Technology Corp Ltd
688236.SS,Beijing Chunlizhengda Medical Instruments
688289.SS,Sansure Biotech Inc
688298.SS,Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech
688301.SS,iRay Technology
688317.SS,Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech
688318.SS,Shenzhen Fortune Trend Technology
688356.SS,Jenkem Technology
688363.SS,Bloomage Biotechnology Corp Ltd
688366.SS,Shanghai Haohai Biological Tech Co
688368.SS,Shanghai Bright Power Semiconductor
688383.SS,Shenzhen Xinyichang Technology
688385.SS,Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group
688388.SS,Guangdong Jia Yuan Technology
688390.SS,Jiangsu Goodwe Power Supply Technology
688396.SS,China Resources Microelectronics Ltd
688399.SS,Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies
688505.SS,Shanghai Fudan-Zhangjiang Bio-Pharmaceutical
688516.SS,Wuxi Autowell Technology
688526.SS,Wuhan Keqian Biology
688536.SS,3Peak Inc
688556.SS,Qingdao Gaoce Technology
688568.SS,Geovis Technology
688598.SS,KBC Corporation Ltd
688599.SS,Trina Solar
688696.SS,Chengdu XGimi Technology
688699.SS,Shenzhen Sunmoon Microelectronics
688777.SS,Zhejiang Supcon Technology
688981.SS,Semiconductor Manufacturing Intl