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The fastest datafeed for stock trader

Advanced technology

Datafet has big server farm behind to handle huge request from clients. You will get Real-Time stock data for all stock market in the World.

Reliable stock data

We scan and review data 24/7 to make sure our stock data has no error. Stock split and dividend adjustment is handled automatically by Datafet.

Support most TA software

Data provided by Datafet can show charts directly by Metastock, Metatrader or Amibroker. You can see charts updated Real-Time in your preferred application.

Support trading decision

Datafet helps you detect trend of stock movement which can help you make better decision to buy or sell stock.

User friendly

Datafet has smooth design which makes it very easy to use. You download the app, register account, pick the stock market and click update and see the result.

Automatic update data

Turn on datafet and let it run to automatically update stock data for you.

Video guide you to update Metastock data using Datafet

Video guide you to update Amibroker data using Datafet, you should view video above to know how to get data using Datafet first.

This is Why You Will
Love Datafet

Datafet is a data trading solution with user-friendly interface allowing users
to view in real time the current market depth to effectively place trades
and manage orders quickly. Datafet can get access to powerful technical data with
highest speed. Currently we support more than 50 stock exchanges in the World.

  • This tool offers free trial for all investors
  • Support 51 stock exchanges in 5 Continents
  • Lightning fast real time data
  • Reliable data, auto adjustment for stock split
  • Support most Technical Analytic App on the market
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Datafet Provides Stock Data for Metastock, Metatrader, AmiBroker and other Stock Analytic Software

Datafet can process raw data from stock exchange and convert them to the format readable by Metastock or Metatrader. Users can see charts using any technical software support format from the above two format. The charts show stock data and auto-update in Real-Time.

After you download this app and install, you need to register to get full feature of Datafet. We will not collect any information from you and you are free to uninstall this app anytime if you do not like.

For more information on how to config Datafet to get data for each technical software, refer to file manual in Datafet App.

If you want to use portable version, you can download file below, extract and start file Datafet.exe to use the app immediately without installation.
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Premium License Fee and Guide

Currently, we support stock exchanges in 3 regions: America, Europe and the rest of the world. Each region contains number of stock exchange as shown below.

American Stock Exchange(RT)
BATS Exchange(RT)
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
Canadian Securities Exchange(RT)
Mexico Stock Exchange
NASDAQ Stock Exchange(RT)
New York Stock Exchange(RT)
OTC Bulletin Board Market
Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
TSX Venture Exchange
Amsterdam Stock Exchange(RT)
Berlin Stock Exchange
Borsa Istanbul
Copenhagen Stock Exchange(RT)
Frankfurt Stock Exchange(RT)
London Stock Exchange(RT)
Madrid Stock Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange(RT)
Moscow Exchange(RT)
Munich Stock Exchange
NYSE Euronext Brussels(RT)
NYSE Euronext Lisbon(RT)
Oslo Stock Exchange
Paris Stock Exchange(RT)
Stockholm Stock Exchange(RT)
Stuttgart Stock Exchange
Swiss Exchange
Vienna Stock Exchange
Warsaw Stock Exchange
XETRA Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange(RT)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Jakarta Stock Exchange
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Korea Stock Exchange
Malaysia Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India(RT)
New Zealand Stock Exchange
Saudi Stock Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange(RT)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange(RT)
Singapore Stock Exchange(RT)
Taiwan Stock Exchange(RT)
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Thailand Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange

RT:Exchanges with Real-Time data update; The other exchanges have delayed data update (max delay 15 minutes).

For realtime Vietnamese stock data, please download this software. Vietnamese Datafeed

When you register trial, you have 2 weeks for free updating stock data for all stock exchanges. After that period, you need to buy license for your PC in order to continue to update stock data.
EOD Intraday
6 Months 30$ 60$
12 Months 50$ 90$
***Intraday package also have all feature in EOD package. EOD package not allow you to update Intraday data, only EOD data Real-Time,

For example, you buy license for 1 PC to update EOD data, you pay 30$/half year or 50$/year.
If you add one more PC then you need to pay more 25$/year for the extra PC.
If you buy license to update Intraday data for 2 PC in 1 year then you need to pay 90*1.5= 135$
You are free to transfer your license from old PC to new PC. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Purchase License through Paypal Purchase Now

Data Plugin for AmiBroker

You need to add this data plugin into AmiBroker's Plugins folder in order to view Intraday data provided by Datafet

Make sure your PC install .net version 4.5 in order for it to load the plugin. You can download .net45 at .net 45

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